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Stoves and Fireplaces industry

Throughout this category of manufacturers, we offer complementary solutions upon your request.

For Stoves and Fireplaces:

Firebricks are the ultimate solution that can completely fulfill all the esthetic requirements of your final costumers.

Specifically, the wide range of colors, in combination with the soft surface, constitute a wonderful result to differentiate you from your competition.

In stoves, as well as fireplaces, you can use fire boards, as they come in hundreds of different dimensions. In particular, our company can offer mass production of different sizes and designs, catered to your needs.

We are able to manufacture almost any design you wish. Leading companies in the industry select us as partners for this exact reason. Colors such as white and black dominate the market, but upon request we have the ability to produce other colors as well, such as yellow and red.

The process is simple. You send us the design in digital form, we convert it to Solid Works or Cad, and we order the corresponding mold and the corresponding prices of our products.

In some cases, to reduce the cost of the mold, we have a special cutting department in operation. In such a way it is possible to cut from existing dimensions, to the dimensions of your desire.

Another option is Lavamix, in white, black, red, yellow color.

It is an extremely hard material that can withstand 1,800 °C. The benefit of the components of volcanic rock raw material, offers greater thermal conductivity, so with less fuel you have more KW of heating in your construction.

The material is provided in powder form, you cast it and give the design of your choice, or we can provide you with the brick as well.

Ceramic Blanket

An insulating blanket that withstands extreme temperatures. It is lined around the perimeter of refractory bricks, where it completely eliminates any trace of temperature loss, and fully protects the consumer from contact with high temperature, regardless of the combustion chamber.