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Refractory Mortars

Refractory Mortars


Roka Refractory Mortars constitute a turn key solution in a fireplace’s or a barbecue’s construction process. Our mortars are, in fact, a mixture of special refractory cement and a variety of fireclays which results from the firebrick production process.

It only takes an addition of water, at a rate of about 20%, inside the plastic packing of the mixture to begin the construction. Roka Refractory Mortars are packed into two different sizes of plastic cans, containing either 5 or 25 kg each.



The firebricks must be clean and impregnated.
The refractory mortars are ready for use and need only a 20% addition of water.
For instance, in the 5 kg can, 1 lt of water must be slowly poured into the mortars, while stirring the mixture (for approximately 5 min).

Although the packing is air-tight, it would be better stored indoors.

Application temperature: from 5 to 35˚C

Firecement Mortar