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Pumice or Lava Stone

It is a natural material that comes from volcanic explosion.


It is light weight and insulating material as well.

It can be used for many applications such as barbecues, pizza ovens, flooring, contraction, production of cement based decoration materials and cement blocks.

For the production of barbecues and pizza ovens, this material can be used at the maze of the the surrounding of the firebricks:

  • Insulates and maintains the heat.
  • Makes the final construction lighter so the final product is easier to be assembled and it’s easier and cheaper for the transportation.

 Pumice stone lightweight concrete is ideal for the following application in construction industry:

  • Filling interior floors and shaping final elevations and inclinations before laying marble, tiles or asphalt membrane.
  • Insulations, as either the final layer to form inclinations or thermal insulation for roofs or thermal-sound insulation of interior flooring.
  • Constructions and repairs, where reduced permanent loads and improved seismic behaviour are required.


    Characteristics :

    ✅ Low density (600-800kg/m3) when the sample is dry;

    ✅ Good compressive strength and satisfactory elasticity;

    ✅ Good thermal and noise insulating properties;

    ✅ A porous structure with low permeability;

    ✅ Non-combustibility
    Pozzolanic properties.