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Roka Refractory forwarding its already leading position in firebricks industry, offers the unique capability to produce, innovative solutions for decorative firebricks in revolutionary colors setting the benchmark for the entire architects, decorators and contractors industry.
About us

Quality insurance.

Being an in-house developer, we use only our own technical infrastructure, offering turn-key solutions and customized options to the global refractories industry .With over 25 years of experience and certified by TUV Austria-Hellas (ISO 9001-2008), Istituto di Ricerche Agrindustria Srl (food suitability), Democritus Institute (asbestos absence) and being in accordance with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International Standards and the (EN) European Standardization Organization, Roka Refractories® forwarding its already leading position in Refractories industry worldwide, offers new, innovative solutions for decorative fire bricks and fire boards in revolutionary colors setting the benchmark for the entire refractories industry.

Being at the top

By manufacturing top-quality firebricks and refractory boards in six different colors :white, grey, brown, red, yellow and black ,Roka Refractories exports in more than 30 countries and has more than 2.000 clients worldwide. The production of decorative fire bricks has always been our company’s core activity. With a production capacity of 200.000 tons per annum, ROKA REFRACTORIES is one of Europe’s largest players. Being a vertical manufacturer, the company possesses its own quarries, securing, hence, incessant flow of raw materials and high constancy in the manufacturing process. The company owns two manufacturing plants of 38.000 m² total surface.

Eco-Friendly solutions

As an eco friendly company, by over passing all the difficulties, we succeeded in developing ‘’greener’’ firebricks. Geopolymer bricks are special refractory clay bricks whose heat resistance exceeds 1200°C. They differ from common firebricks in basic physical, mechanical and thermal properties as they are designed to resist to higher stress – strain conditions. Roka Refractories’ geopolymer bricks constitute an innovation with mentionable environmental saving. Using calcium – based binders and availing of the reaction of calcium with silica and alumina to generate Calcium Silicoaluminate Hydrates, semi-dry pressed bricks are stabilized without further pyroprocessing requirement. C-S-H and C-A-H are “green” compounds that act as glass to keep the structure robust and durable.

Colored firebricks

Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite. For that reason ROKA REFRACTORIES offer you multiple choice according to your esthetic demands.

More Solutions

Except for refractory solutions, Roka Refractories uses raw materials from its quarries and its R&D capacity to manufacture pioneer synthetic cement-based products -namely insulating prominent blocks for external masonry, facing decorative bricks and artificial stones- in diverse dimensions and colors, which satisfy the modern architectural aspect about constructions.