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Ceramic Blanket

Ceramic blanket is an insulating material, easy to install, which contributes to the thermal insulation of the combustion space of industrial kiln, fireplace, stove, barbecue, bread / pizza oven. At the same time, it is an absolute sound insulation used in entertainment venues, tunnels, television and radio studios and in any space that needs sound insulation.

It is made of fibers with controlled density and elasticity. In our case there are no chemical additives ensuring the health of consumers.

The special feature is that it has excellent acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics. It is ideal for the firebrick barbecue , the stove , the fireplace, the boiler as it insulates the burning chamber and surrounding area so that there is no loss of temperature and protecs from high temperatures.

Ceramic blanket provides thermal insulation up to 1430°C and provides energy savings in industrial use. It is capable of excellent sound insulation and fire as well as high temperature insulation.


✅Low thermal conductivity.
✅Excellent resistance to heat shock.
✅Low heat storage capacity.
✅Absolute sound insulation.

Indicative Applications:
✔️Home appliance industry:
In firebrick ovens, stoves, fireplaces for better insulation, less losses so that with less wood and charcoal you have a more suitable temperature.

✔️Stoves and Fireplace industry:
It can be placed behind the firebrick in the combustion chamber and maintain high temperatures without losses. In combination with the firebricks that are thermoaccumulative gives more kw of combustion temperature with less wood / pellets / coals.

✔️Industrial ovens:
It is installed in the internal combustion chamber in metallurgy, power generation, cement production, petrochemical industry, food incineration kilns, ceramic industry, and any use of furnace mainly where it is a key solution since it withstands 1420°C and maintains its internal temperature and protects from high temperatures around the furnace.

25 x 610 x 7200mm
50 x 610 x 3600mm
4600 x 610 x 38mm
9200 x 610 x 19mm
14400 x 610 x 13mm