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Special industrial firebricks

Roka Refractories offers a wide range of products and services for almost all industries where high temperature processes are carried out and high wear resistance is required.

According your demand we can offer a wide variety of refractories for the following industries, these primarily include metal, ceramic or glass production, chemical plants and incinerators.

Before you proceed to any quotation you should be aware of the application, the refractoriness and the type product you need to simplify the process for your convince.

✅ Iron and steel production industry.

Heat treatment and steel processing
Rehaeting Competence
Bogie hearth forging furnace
Chamber forging furnace
Rotary hearth furnace
Bogie hearth furnace / Chamber annealing furnace
Strip galvanizing plant
Top-hat furnace
CSP roller furnace
Roller furnace
Walking beam furnace
Pit furnace
Hardening furnace

✅ Mealts Industry.

Aluminum Industry
Chamber smelting furnace
Holding and casting furnace
Rotary drum furnace / tilting drum furnace
Shaft smelting furnance
Dosing furnace
Transport ladles

✅ Ceramics Industry.

Chamber smelting kiln
Shuttle kiln
Thrust plate kiln
Roller kiln
Tunnel kiln
Bell kiln

✅ Glass Industry.

Regenerator chamber
Melting tank
Working tank
Basin for glass processing
Hot gas filtration

✅ Special kilns Industry.

Special Furnaces
Laboratory furnace
Dental furnace
Analysis device

✅ Fuels, Chemicals and Energy industries.

Chemicals & petrochemicals
Carbon black reactor
Claus reactor
Energy & environmental engineering
Biomass firing / grate firing
Fluidized bed reactor
Rotary kiln
Thermal afterburning (TAB)
Hot gas filtration
Hot gas generation